Can COVID-19 Cause Hair loss?

The unexpected onset of a global pandemic, COVID-19, has already been extremely hard to comprehend and the new studies coming to the light every day are making it even worse. One such study has grabbed the attention of numerous people and is contributing to the unsettling and unpleasant thoughts for a post-pandemic world.

A number of patients who have escaped the dilemma of this dreadful virus have reported that they lost their hair after being infected with it. This unthinkable discovery has left many people aghast. In a Survivor Corps Facebook poll, many people expressed their suffering and more than 27 per cent of those people reported that their recovery from COVID-19 was followed by an unexpected hair loss.

One explanation of these results is associated with androgens. Compared to women, men have a higher fatality rate from COVID-19 and they are also believed to incur more severe effects from the disease. Moreover, the children who are under the age of 10 have shown remarkable resistance towards the COVID-19. This is again because the levels of androgens are insignificant in children below the age of 10.

What this concludes is that the excess of androgens may be linked to the increased vulnerability of male patients to SARS-CoV-2. This increased level of androgens is also linked to the scalp baldness. This means that baldness is not associated with COVID-19 but the vulnerability towards the disease is associated with the characteristic of baldness.

Another major reason, and the most obvious one, is stress. Stress has always been recognised as a major contributing factor to hair shedding. When a body experiences a lot of stress, the hair shedding happens in the form of trauma or shock which is known as “Telogen effluvium”. It is natural for every patient suffering from the COVID-19 to experience such high levels of stress and experience hair loss.

However, the wide arrays of possibilities due to the extensive effects of the disease suggests that it is not possible to explain this hair loss among the COVID patients through any one specific cause. Apart from mental stress, a lot of physical stress is also experienced by a patient suffering from the COVID-19 which again can be a reason for hair loss.

In any case, every patient and every person should take substantial steps to ensure that they are not victimized by this hair shedding. Decreasing the stress levels, having a good sleep, and taking a nutritious diet, are the most obvious steps. These practices will strengthen your immune system which further ensures that your body is ready to face the after-effects of COVID-19.

A healthy balanced diet with proper nutrients and vitamins should be followed by every person. A strong diet should include some superfoods such as Yoghurt, Eggs, Salmon, Spinach, and Nuts. This diet should be a part of a healthy lifestyle which also includes regular exercise and other such activities.

Maybe hair fall is associated with COVID or maybe it is not. In any case, following a proper diet and taking care of your health will not only promote stronger thicker hair but will also ensure a strong immune system.

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