Postpartum Hair loss

Pregnancy does funny things to our bodies, and our hair is not excluded. From thick and shiny locks to excessive shedding… it’s not in your head! Postpartum hair loss is very real and very common, but little is said about the devastating effects it can have on a new mum and how distressing it can really be.

It’s easy to believe that it is the stress and exhaustion a new baby can often bring, that is to blame. But the biggest reasons for these changes are hormones, mainly the rapid increase of estragon and progesterone as well as a rise in blood volume. These hormones surge during pregnancy, and can cause our bodies to shed less hair daily. This is why your hair may have felt thick and healthy during your pregnancy. However, once baby arrives, these hormones plummet and begin to level out as your body returns to its pre pregnancy levels. Then, after 3-6 months the shedding usually begins. 

For many ladies, it’s only a little more shedding than usual; it subsides a few months after it started. But for some ladies the shedding can be excessive, sometimes falling out in clumps in the shower or hairbrush. It is also very common for the hairline to appear sparse or noticeably finer, which can be hard to disguise. This can be a really scary time for a new mum in the throes of postpartum. The shedding can also last much longer with many women reporting continued shedding up to a year or so after. Many describe regrowth as a ‘baby hairs’ around the hairline, or having a new set of bangs for a while!

Unfortunately there isn’t any way to avoid this kind of hair loss. It is usually temporary and your body will naturally regulate these hormones whilst it recovers from birth. Maintaining a balanced diet and taking vitamins and supplements will create a better environment for your body adjust and will help with all areas of postpartum recovery. 

It is also important to be gentle with your postpartum hair. Our Enhanced strength shampoo and conditioner is the perfect combo for looking after your delicate locks, and will help ensure new growth is kept strong and healthy. Our enhanced brush is also fab for minimizing breakage and stimulating new growth on the scalp. For fuller looking hair we recommend our tape extensions. These are light weight and super discreet but efficient at creating more volume, we really are masters of disguise!

If you do find it is taking much longer to see regrowth, consider contacting your doctor to check your thyroid, sometimes it can be knocked off a little after giving birth. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if there is anything we can help with. Most importantly, be gentle with yourself. Acknowledge the incredible journey your body has had, you are a warrior!